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Jessica SchabenAs a nurse in Omaha, I was inspired to start a business that offered individualized care and personalized attention to patients.  I’m Jessica, and my husband Kevin and I started Advanced Home Health Care and Nursing, LLC as a family owned and operated endeavor. We feel this is an important distinction from almost all of our competitors.



Home Health Services

Companion Care for Seniors

Advanced Home Health Care is a nurse owned and operated healthcare provider in Omaha, Nebraska.  Our team of professionals includes Registered Nurses, Certified Nurse Assistants, Caretakers, Companions, Home Support Specialists, Home Modification Engineers, and Transportation Specialists. We provide individualized companionship services, senior care, palliative care, and home health care.

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Hidden Costs in Senior Care

Hidden costs in Senior Care Hidden Costs of Elderly Care Communities There are many ways to refer to an elderly care community. Some call them “nursing homes,” “assisted living facilities,” and even a “rest home.” Most people don’t realize that there are many levels of care and titles when it comes to senior living communities. These details can be...

Seniors keeping pets

Keeping Pets can be a Necessity for Seniors A growing number of Seniors are keeping pets throughout the golden years. There are benefits to owning pets at any age, but it is especially nice for seniors.  Often times, it has been the pet that has provided much needed companionship and comfort to its senior owner. Owning a cat or...

Malnutrition in Seniors

Advanced Home Health Care and Nursing is a Nurse owned company that provides Senior Care and Companion Services in Omaha, Nebraska Malnutrition and Dehydration are Often Missed by Caretakers or Healthcare Workers According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, malnutrition can be defined as “the unhealthy condition that results from not eating enough food or not eating enough healthy food.”  Malnutrition...

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