Being Your Own Health Care Advocate

For this reason, I feel it’s important to become your own health care advocate.  The best way to do this is to learn the right questions to ask.  Depending upon the reason you’re in to see a physician, there are a few things to remember to ask.  I’m going to list a few important questions to ask your physician while in for an appointment.

1)      What is my official diagnosis?

2)      How long can I expect it to take to recover or feel better?

3)      Are there any medications I am taking that I could do without to reduce side effects?

4)      What are the possible complications?

5)      Are all of my lab results normal?  If some aren’t, what could be causing them to be abnormal?

6)      What else can I do to treat my condition?

7)      Where would you send your wife or children?

8)      If I need to go to the hospital, will you be seeing me there as well?

9)      What is the test for?

10)  When will I get the results?

These are just a few questions to ask your physician.  But, please ask more if you think of any!  Remember, you’re hiring your physician to help you.  Never feel like you’re inconveniencing them.  Would you think twice before asking a plumber about your pipes?  No!  You’re paying them for a professional service and you need answers.  It’s the same with your doctor.

Jessica, RN

Jessica Schaben Owner/Director Advanced Home Health and Nursing

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