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Welcome to my blog!

Hi, my name is Jessica.  I am a nurse and this is my first blog.  My goal is to try and educate the patient community about things they can do to improve their health care experiences.

I’ll share a little bit about me…I’m a mother of 3 children (My oldest is Jack and I have a set of boy/girl twins named Cole and Kate).  My life is hectic but I love it and I try to learn something new every day.  My husband Kevin is my best friend (I know, how cliché but it’s true) and my rock.  We are different in so many ways but it complements our relationship and has worked for over eighteen years.

I have a passion for helping others.  I also have a passion for health and science.  I figured a good way to integrate my two passions was to become a nurse.  After working in assisted living/memory support and in critical care at a major hospital, I started a home health care company.  I figured this was a perfect way to be at my best.  By helping the community in a personal way while providing health care services, I am able to be at my best as a nurse.

There is so much I want to share with the community regarding health care and health advocacy.  This blog is a perfect setting to do so.  While I may be “blunt” in some of my statements, I welcome feedback whether it’s positive or negative because I love learning new perspectives and viewpoints.

Welcome and thanks for sharing your time with me.

Until next time,

Jessica, RN

Jessica Schaben Owner/Director Advanced Home Health and Nursing

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